What We Did

Keya Branding Solutions embarked on a transformative journey with Apposite, delivering over 1000 hours of top-notch eLearning content. Our extensive experience includes diverse projects with prestigious organizations such as ISB, Emeritus, Microsoft, and Novartis. Our comprehensive production services encompass every phase of video creation, from initial filming to meticulous post-production, ensuring seamless and professional results.

The Results

Our collaboration with Apposite resulted in a substantial volume of high-quality eLearning content that met and exceeded expectations. The content was designed to be engaging, informative, and easy to understand, significantly enhancing the learning experience. Our work has been instrumental in helping Apposite maintain its reputation for delivering exceptional eLearning solutions.

Feedback from the Client

“Keya Branding Solutions has been an invaluable partner in our eLearning initiatives. Their expertise and dedication to quality are evident in the impressive amount of content they produced for us. The team’s professionalism and attention to detail have made our collaboration smooth and productive. We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater success together.”

            Amith Vincent, Founder-Director of Apposite


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