Sunridge Hospitals

Sunride Hospitals

CATEGORY: Digital Marketing

SOFTWARE: FB, Insta, Linkdin

SERVICES: social media campaigns 


01. The Challenge

Sunridge Hospitals sought to enhance their online presence and attract more patients to their two branches in Moti Nagar and AS Rao Nagar. Despite offering excellent healthcare services, they faced challenges in reaching a wider audience and effectively communicating their value proposition online.


The goal was to create a robust digital marketing strategy that would increase their visibility, engage potential patients, and drive more traffic to their hospitals through organic and paid social media campaigns.

02. The Solution

Keya Branding Solutions implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to Sunridge Hospitals’ needs. We managed their social media accounts, creating a steady stream of engaging and informative posts to boost organic reach. Our team also developed targeted paid campaigns on various social media platforms to generate quality leads and attract potential patients.

We produced visually appealing content, including creatives, posters, and videos, highlighting Sunridge Hospitals’ services, expertise, and patient success stories. By leveraging advanced digital marketing techniques, we ensured that the content resonated with the target audience and effectively communicated the hospitals’ commitment to providing top-notch healthcare.

“Keya Branding Solutions has played a crucial role in enhancing our digital presence and effectively reaching out to potential patients. Their strategic approach to social media marketing and content creation has significantly boosted our engagement and patient inquiries. The creative content they produced truly reflects our commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services. We are extremely satisfied with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership.”
— Team Sunridge Hospitals

03. The Result

Key achievements for Sunridge Hospitals through our collaboration include:

  1. Enhanced online visibility and engagement, resulting in a larger and more active follower base
  2. Successful lead generation through targeted paid campaigns, attracting new patients
  3. Increased awareness of Sunridge Hospitals’ healthcare services and patient success stories
  4. Positive feedback from stakeholders and patients on the engaging and informative content
  5. Effective communication of Sunridge Hospitals’ value proposition and commitment to patient care
  6. Improved social media metrics, with increased likes, shares, and comments
  7. Strengthened market position as a leading healthcare provider in the region