Sunridge Hospital

Sunridge Hospital


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01. The Challenge

Sunridge Hospital faced multifaceted challenges in establishing and expanding its footprint in Moti Nagar and AS Rao Nagar. Firstly, competition was intense among local healthcare providers, requiring Sunridge to differentiate itself effectively.


Secondly, the hospital needed to overcome perceptions of being new entrants in the market and build credibility swiftly. Lastly, understanding and addressing diverse healthcare needs and preferences within the local communities posed additional complexities.

02. The Solution

Keya Branding Solutions devised a tailored approach to address Sunridge Hospital’s challenges comprehensively. Firstly, we conducted in-depth market research to understand the competitive landscape and identify key opportunities for Sunridge.


Secondly, we developed a robust brand positioning strategy that highlighted Sunridge’s specialized medical expertise and patient-centric care philosophy.


Thirdly, we implemented targeted digital marketing campaigns across social media platforms and local search engines to enhance visibility and attract new patients. Additionally, we organized community health awareness programs and medical camps to foster trust and engagement among local residents.



“As a medical professional at Sunridge Hospital, I’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact of our collaboration with Keya Branding Solutions. Their strategic approach in enhancing our hospital’s brand visibility and patient engagement has been instrumental. We’ve seen a significant increase in patient inquiries and appointments, thanks to their effective digital marketing campaigns and community outreach initiatives. Keya Branding Solutions has not only strengthened our hospital’s presence in the local healthcare market but also contributed to improving healthcare access and awareness within our community.”

– Dr.Sunny

03. The Result

Our collaboration with Sunridge Hospital yielded impactful results:

  1. Strengthened brand recognition and increased patient footfall across Moti Nagar and AS Rao Nagar branches.
  2. Enhanced reputation and trust among local communities, positioning Sunridge Hospital as a preferred healthcare provider.
  3. Amplified visibility through strategic digital marketing efforts, driving online engagement and patient inquiries.
  4. Improved patient referrals and recommendations, reflecting high satisfaction levels and confidence in the hospital’s care standards.

Sunridge Hospital acknowledges Keya Branding Solutions’ pivotal role in achieving these outcomes, underscoring our commitment to delivering effective healthcare marketing solutions and enhancing community healthcare access.