MedUnited Hospitals


CATEGORY: Video Production

SOFTWARE: Premiere Pro, Illustrator, AE.

SERVICES: Profile Videos


01. The Challenge

Keya Branding Solutions partnered with Med United Hospitals to create professional profile videos for 10 doctors based in Amalapuram. The objective was to showcase the expertise and compassionate care provided by each doctor, enhancing their visibility and trust among patients and the community.


With a focus on delivering informative and engaging content, our team filmed and edited each video meticulously to capture the essence of their medical specialties and personal commitment to healthcare.

02. The Solution

Our approach involved comprehensive project management from initial concept to final delivery. We conducted detailed interviews with each doctor to understand their professional journey, patient care philosophy, and unique contributions to the field of medicine.

Using state-of-the-art filming techniques and equipment, we ensured high-quality video production that effectively communicated the doctors’ expertise and dedication.

To maximize accessibility and engagement, we incorporated bilingual subtitles in Telugu and English during the editing process. This decision not only catered to the local community in Amalapuram but also extended the reach of the videos to a broader audience across different linguistic backgrounds.


“Keya Branding Solutions has been instrumental in showcasing our team’s expertise through professional profile videos. Their attention to detail and ability to highlight our commitment to patient care have significantly enhanced our online presence. We appreciate their dedication and the positive impact these videos have had on patient engagement and trust.”

– Dr. Joyson Manukonda, Consultant General Medicine


03. The Result

Key outcomes achieved through our collaboration with Med United Hospitals include:

  1. Produced and edited profile videos for 10 doctors at Med United Hospitals in Amalapuram.
  2. Enhanced visibility and credibility of doctors through professional video presentations.
  3. Increased patient engagement and trust through informative and localized content.
  4. Positive feedback from patients and stakeholders on the quality and informative nature of the videos.
  5. Strengthened Med United Hospitals’ online presence and reputation as a leading healthcare provider in Amalapuram.

Med United Hospitals has expressed satisfaction with our video production services and the impact it has had on their online engagement and patient relations.