CATEGORY: E-Learning

SOFTWARE: Premiere Pro, Illustrator, AE.

SERVICES: Video Production


01. The Challenge

LFW aimed to significantly enhance educational opportunities for orphaned children across Maharashtra. Despite their robust mission and framework, they faced challenges in developing and delivering comprehensive academic content that could effectively bridge educational gaps.


The task involved scaling content delivery to reach orphaned children across diverse regions and ensuring that the educational materials were culturally relevant and accessible in multiple languages. Additionally, integrating interactive elements into the educational content was crucial to maintaining engagement and enhancing learning outcomes.

02. The Solution

Keya Branding Solutions undertook the task of developing and producing over 100 hours of high-quality educational videos tailored specifically for LFW. Each video was meticulously crafted to align with educational standards and cater to the unique needs of orphaned children. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we ensured that the content was informative, engaging, and visually compelling.


From scriptwriting and video filming to post-production and distribution, our team managed every aspect of the production process to deliver seamless and impactful learning experiences.


In addition to content creation, we prioritized the translation of educational videos into regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. This multilingual approach enhanced accessibility and fostered inclusivity, enabling orphaned children from diverse linguistic backgrounds to benefit from the educational resources.



“We are immensely grateful to Keya Branding Solutions for their exceptional dedication and expertise in developing educational videos tailored for orphaned children. The videos produced have significantly enhanced our ability to deliver quality education across Maharashtra. Keya Branding Solutions’ commitment to excellence and their meticulous approach in creating engaging and culturally relevant content have made a profound impact on our educational initiatives. We look forward to continuing our partnership to further empower orphaned children through accessible and effective learning resources.”

— By LFW Team


03. The Result

Key achievements for LFW through our collaboration include:

  1. Delivered over 100 hours of impactful educational content tailored for LFW.
  2. Enhanced educational access and engagement among orphaned children.
  3. Multilingual video translations expanded accessibility and reach.
  4. Received positive feedback from stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  5. Strengthened LFW’s educational initiatives and community outreach.

LFW has expressed satisfaction with our educational content and production services.