CATEGORY: Digital Marketing

SOFTWARE: FB, Insta, Linkdin

SERVICES: Social Media Campaigns 


01. The Challenge

Complinova Associates sought to enhance their online presence and effectively communicate their extensive range of business governance solutions. Despite having a robust set of services, they faced challenges in reaching their target audience and generating quality leads through digital channels.


They needed a comprehensive social media management and advertising strategy to increase visibility, engage potential clients, and drive more inquiries and registrations through their web portal.

02. The Solution

Keya Branding Solutions implemented a tailored digital marketing strategy for Complinova Associates. We managed their social media accounts, regularly posting engaging and informative content to boost organic reach. Our team developed and executed targeted paid campaigns on various social media platforms to generate quality leads and attract potential clients.

We created visually appealing content, including creatives, posters, and videos, that highlighted Complinova’s expertise, services, and the benefits of their Business Governance Solutions. By leveraging advanced digital marketing techniques, we ensured that the content resonated with the target audience and effectively communicated Complinova’s value proposition.

“Keya Branding Solutions has significantly transformed our digital marketing efforts. Their expertise in social media management and advertising has helped us reach a wider audience and generate quality leads. The creative content and strategic campaigns have greatly improved our brand’s visibility and client engagement. We are highly impressed with the results and appreciate their dedication and professionalism.”
— Team Complinova

03. The Result

Key achievements for Complinova Associates through our collaboration include:

  1. Substantial increase in social media engagement and followers.
  2. Higher conversion rates from social media leads to actual clients.
  3. Enhanced brand awareness and market presence.
  4. Greater reach and interaction with potential clients.
  5. Increased web traffic and registrations through targeted ads.
  6. Improved online reputation and trust among stakeholders.
  7. More effective communication of service offerings and business impact.