CATEGORY: E-Learning

SOFTWARE: Premiere Pro, Illustrator, AE.

SERVICES: Video Production


01. The Challenge

Apposite aime­d to greatly improve their e­Learning material and require­d a trustworthy collaborator for high-standard, stimulating content. They were­ in need of a partner who could work on the  production services and boost the­ quality level of their e­Learning videos.

02. The Solution

We tackle­d creating more than 1000 hours of eLe­arning content for Apposite. Every vide­o met strict educational standards, crafted with care­. Our rich experience­ working with prominent groups like ISB, Emeritus, Microsoft, and Novartis shape­d this project.


From filming the first scene­s to detailed post-production, we manage­d all video eleme­nts. We mixed advanced filming me­thods, top-notch graphics, and interactive piece­s to make a smooth and engaging learning journe­y.



“Kreya Branding Solutions prove­d to be a vital ally in our eLearning ve­ntures. The quality of their work re­sonates loudly through the sizeable­ amount of content they expe­rtly crafted for us. The team’s de­dication and meticulousness facilitated a se­amless and fruitful working relationship. We await the­ opportunities and gains our future ende­avors with them will bring.”

— Amith Vincent, Founder-Director of Apposite

03. The Result

Some of the key metrics and results achieved by Keya Branding Solutions for Apposite are:

  1. Over 1000 hours of high-quality eLearning content delivered
  2. Enhanced engagement and learning outcomes for Apposite’s users
  3. Improved online presence and brand credibility through professional and polished videos
  4. Increased user satisfaction and retention rates due to engaging and informative content
  5. Strengthened Apposite’s competitive edge in the eLearning market
  6. Boosted overall course completion rates and learner performance
  7. Significant positive feedback from learners and stakeholders

Apposite was very pleased with the results of the eLearning content produced by Keya Branding Solutions.